Every business thrives on some or the other form of advertising solutions for its successful growth and promotion. The press media is one such effective method, considering the high rate of ease as well as pace with which it can reach the masses. However, choosing the right press media requires extreme caution and diligence, otherwise it may only result in the mere wastage of your money.

So how can the prudent businessman choose the right press media for the successful promotion of his business?

The first and foremost objective is to ascertain the publications that a potential customer may actually “read”. Since there are a large number of free give away publications that depend purely on advertisements for their income, a publication’s quoted circulation or its readership profile must not be considered as criteria, as most of these are usually cast away without even a proper glance.
The choice of publications can be narrowed down on the basis of the market sectors that they claim to serve. Classified directories of such press medias can often be found in your reference library. Some good examples are the Willing Press Guide and British Rates And Data (BRAD) found in the UK. The list may also include the names of target publications from your own knowledge of the concerned industry.

Having finally arrived at a list and also keeping in mind your budget, you can further narrow down your options to find the right press media for your business by simply adapting the following tips

Find out the publications where your competitors advertise

Find out the publications where the advertisements of your competitor regularly appear. It is a good indicator of the successful outcome of an advertisement in the particular publication.

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